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For those of you who just want to aim and fire, the club is open every Sunday at 10.30 am for registration. Shooting commences at 11 am sharp


Depending on the weekend or the weather conditions, some areas of the shooting grounds may not always be open. 


Gun dogs welcome on the property with managment consent
(leash required if your dog tends to run)

The range at Carrick Glen has been purpose designed for shooting clays. It can be configured for varing levels of challenge or different layouts depending on the skill of the shooters or the requirements of the competition.


All our traps can be set to dissimilar throw patterns making the course interesting & challenging. The larger area course, allows for a series of longer shots with a wider radius often not seen at smaller ranges.


The course can be set-up with stationary and mobile trap arrays, this allows the range crew to vary the areas that the skeet appear from.


The 100 ft high mast with a fully automated trap, mounted on a moveable platform, set at any desired height, gives you a totally unique shooting experience unlike traditional clay pigeon ranges.

  • The course layout keeps the sun to your rear as much as possible.

  • There are eight seperate FITASC stations (pegs) possible

  • Range can handle 12 groups of 6 at any time

  • We offer numerous challenges:

    • the skeet, the tower,

    • 50, 80, 100 bird sporting

    • 4 separate shooting areas

    • various layouts on different Sundays

    • simulated game flushes


  • If you want a particular layout, we will try and facilitate your choice. Please discuss this with the range master at least one week prior to the date you want to shoot

Shooting Grounds

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