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Shotgun Rules

At Carrick Glen CPC, gun safety is taken seriously, our rules are simple. Any member or any day guest who does not adhere to these firearm related rules, will be asked to leave the property immediately.

These fundamental rules are for everyone's safety.

  • General Rules

    • Only licensed single or double barrelled shotguns allowed on the club property

    • No firearms other than shotguns permitted

    • No firearms allowed in the clubhouse without notifying managment

    • No shooters under 21 (years old) unless accompanied by a parent or guardian

    • Alcohol not permitted on the skeet range

    • Controlled substances not permitted on club property

    • Guns and ammunition may not be left on the property


  • Personal Safety

    • All members and guests must sign in (per insurance regulations)

    • Hearing protection mandatory on range for everyone

    • Safety Glasses mandatory

    • Head wear suggested

    • Anyone handling firearms must be sober


  • Guns must Be

    • unloaded at all times when not on the range

    • must not be in a firing position unless on the range

    • carried empty with the breech visibly open


  • Guns on the Range

    • Cartridges must not be loaded in the gun until the shooter is standing in the shooting station,

      • facing the traps with the gun pointed towards the target flight area

      • and after the range master has given permission

    • When shooting is interrupted,  gun must be opened and cartridges/ cartridge cases must be removed

    • The handling of closed guns is prohibited when operating personnel are forward of the firing line

    • All spent cartridge cases must be disposed of in the bins provided (No emptys on the ground)


  • Authority

    • All range master instructions must be followed

    • Managment decisions are considered final in all matters

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