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Grouse Shoot

Carrick Glen has a dedicated area with blinds set up for grouse shooting. This setup simulates a flight of grouse suddenly appearing and flying off into the distance.


Side by side or over/ under shotguns can be used for this discipline.

Targets are fired in groups (generally 1 to 3 at a time, your choice) from the front of the blind in a simulated grouse drive.

Targets are shot on the approach, the second shot can be over the blind or as the target flies above and to the rear of the shooter.

Simulated Game Flushes
Another version of the Grouse shoot is the simulated game flush, this is fun, fast and quite challenging even for the experienced game sportsman.
We offer a choice of different flushes, using different areas the clubs grounds.

Contact the club if you are interested in a particular shoot type.
We can accommodate groups shooting in teams of three to six guns.

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