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The Grounds

Located west of Newtown Mount Kennedy and Ashford in Co. Wicklow on sixty acres, the grounds at Carrick Glen are unspoiled by modern structures. The spectacular views that exemplify the beauty of Wicklow have not changed much for centuries.

As you stand looking across the rugged landscape with the wind in your ears, it is easy to imagine people walking through these same patches of gorse 100 years ago with a shotgun ready to fire at a live target as they hunted for pheasant and grouse.


Due to insurance regulations members and visitors may not walk around the property. Access to the property is limited to participation and viewing activities in active secttions of the grounds.

The rugged rolling terrain with the elevated center area makes this an ideal shooting ground with space to keep shooting groups or teams and their stations apart from each other. There is no danger of another team being in your target area. For larger groups the course can be laid out so it operates in a circle with no backtracking involved.

The uneven terrain hides a lot of the traps from site making it a more realistic shoot, even when you know where it is coming from.
There are no trees blocking the line of site in the shooting areas.

The experience is very different from many Clay Pigeon Clubs in ireland. The pathways are crushed stone and grass, similar to walking a country lane, the range is what you might find if you were to go on a live shoot over a rural farmers property. Some areas you are firing high, others low, short shots, long shots and then a rabbit runs behind the wagon before you hit it!

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