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Carrick Glen Clay Pigeon Club is a private members club that welcomes day guests. The club promotes sporting clays in all it's forms and disciplines, Skeet, FITASC etc. The range is in an area that is quiet, peaceful and reflects the beauty and ruggedness of Co. Wicklow at it's best.


After a hard week at work, this is as far away from stress that you can get. The club atmosphere is casual, relaxed and friendly, a place where everyone can enjoy the camaraderie of being in the company of other gun owners and enthusiasts while in a safe and organized environment. As the club has grown and increased its membership, it still retains it's small group feeling where everyone is a friend, recognised and greeted.

This is the place you will want to return to, every time you take your gun out. Carrick Glen it is to gun clubs, what an old Irish pub was to drink, "the place to be"!


The pages in this section should be of help to first time visitors and those that have been here before and are considering mmberships.

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