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Skeet is a word that originated in Scandanavia, though the sport (discipline) was invented in Massachusetts (USA) by a grouse hunter in the 1920's. Targets are mechanically thrown in singles and doubles from two trap houses placed 40 metres apart and at opposite ends of a semicircular arc on which there are seven shooting positions. The targets (clays) are thrown at set trajectories and speeds. The main disciplines in this group are English Skeet, Olympic Skeet and American (NSSA) Skeet.

FITASC Sporting

INTERNATIONAL (FITASC) SPORTING, also known as “Parcours De Chasse”, is a blend of English Sporting and Skeet. FITASC can have an infinite variety of 'stands' with each stand featuring a different target type (driven, crosser, quartering etc.) giving the marksman a variety of targets in terms of trajectory and speed.
Standard set up is in squads of six competitors, in rounds of 25 targets at a time.

English Sporting
This discipline can have an infinite variety of ‘stands’. A course will feature a given number of stands each of which with a predetermined number of targets, (doubles or singles) all on the same path and speed. Each stand featuring a different target type i.e. crosser, driven, quartering etc.
The event comprises a series of "stands", with shooters walking in sequence from one to the next, with 4-10 targets attempted at each stand. Stands may different number of targets, with every stand offering a different target type.

  • Targets can be presented as singles (shooter can shoot one or two shells, either can result in a hit)

  • Report pairs (shooter calls for the first bird and the second is released on the "report" of the first shot)

  • Simultaneous or true pairs (both released at the same time, shooter decides what order to attempt them in)

  • Following pairs (the second bird released a fixed time after the first, irrespective of when the shooter fires his first shot)

The total number of targets is typically totals 100

Events with more than 150 targets (200, or even 300), are usually spread across a few days.

COMPAK Sporting
A newer Clay Shooting discipline which consists of targets used in English and International Sporting with five stands per layout and five shooters per squad.
A sporting layout consists of shooting 25 targets, (5 per stand) in one of the following sequences:

     • Five single targets,
     • Three single targets and one double, (on report or simultaneous),
     • One single target and two doubles, (on report or simultaneous).

Any type of target may be used (standard, rabbit, mini, battue, rocket, etc.)

The colour of the targets used must be visible and in high contrast with the terrain.

Each layout will have a minimum of six traps.

The positioning of the traps is at the course setter’s discretion.


at Clay Pigeon shooting and are not fimilliar with the sport

Here are three u-tube videos by Shooting UK that give you the basics

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3


Good luck, come on and visit Carrick Glen, we will be happy to help you enjoy a great day out on the range!

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