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Becoming a Member

The procedure for becoming a member at Carrick Glen is simple. Come to the club and shoot a few times so we can meet and get to know each other. We provide free insurance and conduct basic gun and range safety training. If you are new to Skeet or to firing a shotgun, we can provide level one coaching during the first few visits.

We will then have you fill out and submit an application form.

Subsequently your membership application will be considered by our committee.

Day members info (see pricing)

Benefits of Membership   
- Full use of one of the  best  grounds and club facilities in Wicklow 

- Clays at a reduced cost per round
- The opportunity to be part of the Carrickglen  shooting community
- Access to one of the only high towers in Wicklow
- Use of the  DRYFIRE  system 
- Archery range and equipment

- Pattern Board


All guests and members must be registered for insurance purposes

Members may purchase annual insurance for $50 per year (this insurance may be presented/used at other clubs)

Members with insurance may present their insurance card and the $50 policy requirement is waved


Access to the grounds is only permitted when a committee member is present
Members may only enter the property when the gate is open or other signage indicates that entrance may be made
Members found on the property without permission will loose their membership immediately

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