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COMPAK Sporting

Compak Sporting is a "compacted" version of Sporting Clays, requiring less space and a squad of up to 6 shooters, (5 shooting), standing in a straight line, spaced 3 to 5 meters apartfacing the "target area".


At Carrick Glen there is no shortage of space, so numerous teams can be shooting at the same time in different locations. This maked the clug ideal for large groups and competitions

Targets are thrown by a minimum of 6 trap machines, they can be thrown from and/or inside outside the rectangle and land inside and/or outside it, equally they can be thrown across both sides i.e. from outside the rectangle and landing outside the rectangle but crossing some part of the rectangle during its flight.


Shooters take turns shooting the various targets - these can be single targets or double targets (instant pair or report pair).

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