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FITASC Sporting

Similar to English Sporting it is at its best when shot on the grounds at Carrick Glen, which are far from flat This rough landscape gives you not just a variety of "birds", but the land type to go with it, making you feel the thrill of hunting and firing at a "real" bird. 

The stands are set up all the way around the base of the hill using the natural terrain and slopes to make it interesting and challenging. Equally there is no backtracking or one shooter getting in the way of another. 

With each stand featuring a different target type i.e. crosser, driven, quartering etc. The powerful Promatic Super Sporter traps are often located out of view in positions that are above or below the stand.  When the 100 ft mast is included, it adds a super fast horizantal clay.  The size of the course gives you a large area for every position and a very wide arc within which to shoot.

All the traps are radio operated for smooth and easy operation.

  • Targets can be presented as single, simultaneous or true pairs


Due to the number of possible stand locations at the club, the range master decides each Sunday which ones to use that week. The course is generally somewhat changed every week.

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