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2021 Competition Events

Carrick Glen will be  hosting two 100 bird registered competitions in association with the Irish Clay target Shooting Association (ICTSA) this year keep an eye on the ictsa web site for any changers to events . 


                                     100 Bird English Sporting   

             5th/6th  june 2021 Grand prix

         2021 HCIT cut off Selection Shoot /

            2022 worlds selection shoot


                                            100 Bird English Sporting

                      18th /19th sept 2021 

           2022 HCIT cut off Selection Shoot /

             2022 worlds selection shoot


2022 will bring a  new calandar of events, dates are set by the ICTSA. As soon as dates are set we will have them posted here.


For those of you who want to "aim and fire", the club is open every Sunday at 10.30 for registration with the range opening at 11am except on the above competition dates. Depending on the weekend some of the range areas may not be open.  We offer numerous challenges: the skeet, the tower, 50 bird sporting and other layouts on different Sundays. If you want a particular layout contact us and we will try and facilitate your request.


Carrick Glen Clay Pigeon Club is an affiliated member
of the Irish Clay Target Shooting Association.

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